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Healthy, Tasty & Satisfying Juice Drinks One-Sip At A Time.


Fruit Juices & Smoothies

All of our fruit juices are made from 100% pure hand-selected fruits, with no added-sugar, preservatives or chemicals of any kind.

100% Pure Fruit Juice / Puree!

Vita-Sips are the most innovative, hygienic packages on the market today!
Benefits of our pouches over bottles and juice cartons:
• Pouches are compact and easy to transport
• Pouches are light and strong
• The straw is attached on the side and easy to drink
• Food safe and very hygienic
• Perfect products for feeding very young children and mother’s on the go
• BRC Certified
• HACCP certified
Available in 9 deliciously healthy flavors!
6 Great-tasting Smoothies     
• Kiwi, Banana, Pear     
• Strawberry, Pear, Banana     
• Pear, Apple, Carrot, Pumpkin     
• Mango, Banana, Apple     
• Mango, Pear     
• Banana, Apple, Sweet Potato
3 Great Tasting Juices     
• 3 Berry Medley with Pomegranate     
   (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry)     
• Blueberry     
• Cranberry
Smart, Innovative & Convenient
In convenient packaging     
• 90 gram pouches     
• Packed 12 per case     
• Self merchandising cases available,     
   packed and ready to go!     
• Mixed pallets     
• Custom-size request available.
Take Your Pick! 
Like what you see or ready to order?  
Contact us any time for a free consultation or quote!
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