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Great Tasting & Made with Fresh Vegetables

Introducing the world’s finest tasting,

most-natural corn & vegetable chips!

5 Great flavors all made with only fresh vegetables and natural ingredients.

Enjoy our premium healthy & tasty vegetable chips.
Why Veggitos?
• Superb Natural Flavor 
• Made with only fresh vegetables & ingredients
• Delicious crunch and flavor satisfaction
• Produced in a state-of-the art facility in Mexico
• Available in 5 Great flavors of Corn Chips
• Convenient 2 oz snack bags, 6.4 oz and 12 oz bags
• Packed 18 per case for the 2 oz
• Packed 12 per case for the 6.4 oz
• Packed 12 per case for the 12 oz
• Attractive floor displays & self-merchandise / PDQ available 
• Made and Imported from Mexico with excellent competitive pricing
Take Your Pick! 
Enjoy A Deliciously Healthy Snack!
Prepare your taste-buds for some great tasting flavors:
• Beet  
• Corn (Original)
• Jalapeno
• Kale & Spinach    
• Red Bell Pepper
Like what you see or ready to order?  
Contact us any time for a free consultation or quote!
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